Cents For Songs @ Dell Canada!

Cents For Songs @ Dell Canada!

I was quite surprised to see that Dell Canada is expanding into the downloadable music industry! Dell is selling various music bundles, and you can buy credits for downloading tunes. You can download mp3s or WMA files.

Here’s the deal:

  • 10 songs for $7.99 (79c each)
  • 20 songs for $13.99 (70c each)
  • 30 songs for $19.99 (67c each)

I think it’s a pretty good idea. Say you want to buy a few single songs, but not a whole album.

It would even be good for downloading whole albums – U2s new album “No line on the Horizon” is $13.99 @ Amazon Canada. It contains 11 songs. Say you had purchase the 30 credit bundle, then the album would only cost you $7.37 from Dell. Let’s try another example. The Killers “Day & Age” is $12.99 on Amazon, containing 10 songs. Use your cheap credits, and download it for only $6.70.

It doesn’t sound too complicated either. You buy your bundle, and they email you a PIN code. Then you go through checkout with your chosen songs in your cart, and redeem the PIN there.

And as far as I know, you should be able to get 1.5% cashback too.

I have quite a nice little mp3 collection. At one point, I ripped all my CDs to mp3, and put them all away in storage. Even when people buy me new CDs nowadays, I just save them as mp3 and listen to them in that way. The last album I received was Katy Perry, One Of The Boys. It’s been blasting from my speakers for a week or two now. :)


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