Cat Chair Hammock (OMG?!) Just $22 + Free Shipping @

Cat Chair Hammock (OMG?!) Just $22 + Free Shipping @


If you have cats, then you know that they love to sleep in the most awkward (and comfortable) places. Why not treat your kitty to one of these genius Cat Hanging Hammocks?! Shop at and you can get a Shopready Cat Hanging Hammock Under Chair Lounge for under $22, and that even includes shipping. There are two different colours available, and two sizes in each colour.

My cats love cat trees and hanging cat hammocks, but they always take up so much space. Now there is a convenient way to provide a comfortable spot for your cat to sleep, without taking up too much space and without costing a fortune. You can get a Shopready Cat Hanging Hammock Under Chair Lounge for under $22 at Amazon Canada, and they are super adorable.

So this Cat Chair Hammock comes in either black or blue. Once you decide on a colour, you can decide on a size. There are two options: small and large. The small is 40cm x 40cm and the large is 48cm x 50cm. I did see other items on  that claimed to be cat chair hammocks, but the dimensions were way too small (although they were half the price) so just keep that in mind if you think you have found a better deal.

So instead of wasting space or causing clutter with big pet beds, invest in one or two of these adorable Cat Chair Hammocks. Chances are your cats will love them! They attach securely to the four legs under your kitchen chair, and they can be adjusted to fit any chair. You can also remove them easily to wash them or store them when company is coming over. They might giggle that you would buy such a thing for your fur babies. I totally bought one of these, so don't laugh at me!

Now usually offers free shipping on all orders over $25, but this particular product happens to be sold by a secondary seller called Shopready. So they are offering free shipping on this item even though it is under $25. I am not complaining! These items usually ship within 2 to 3 days.

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  • Monica F.
    These are actually on Aliexpress for around $11, on sale right now for $9.46:,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_9