Cartoon Animals Children's Masks Only 79¢ & Free Shipping @ AliExpress

Cartoon Animals Children's Masks Only 79¢ & Free Shipping @ AliExpress


We are totally gearing up for Halloween right now and I am on full hound-dog mode searching for amazing costume ideas for people of all budgets. Today, I found a FANTASTIC deal on Cartoon Animals EVA Masks for kids. Originally $1.46 each, they are on sale today for just 79¢ with free shipping to Canada. They are from a top-rated seller with 98.6% positive feedback.

These masks will make an excellent accessory to any animal (and more) based costume. There are a ton of options including mouse, panda, wolf, baby sheep, Pooh, reindeer, bear, and a monkey. You can even get a 'grandma' mask. These are simple EVA masks that are good for a couple wears - I assume they are not durable enough to withstand years of wear (few masks are).

I think these masks are a brilliant addition to your child's tickle trunk (or for those that do not speak Mr. Dressup... the costume chest). They can use the masks for every day play and - at 79 cents each - it doesn't matter if one gets torn. These can also be a great addition to your child's Halloween costume. A lot of costumes come with a full body outfit - like a tiger - but do nothing for the face. Add one of these masks to your costume to make it even better.

You could even use one of these masks to simplify your costume to something more affordable. Choose a zebra mask and then just dress your child in white and black striped clothing. If your kid does not have any black and white striped pants, use electrical tape (the black stuff) on a while pair of pants to convert them. The tape comes off pretty easy as well.

I am half-tempted to buy the giraffe mask as I have a full giraffe patterned bodysuit that would easily convert into a Halloween costume with a mask. The elephant mask is also really cool. With the elephant mask and an all-grey wardrobe, your child is instantly an elephant.

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