Carters OshKosh Canada Flash Sale: Items as Low as $4 (Expired)

Carters OshKosh Canada Flash Sale: Items as Low as $4 (Expired)


Carters OshKosh is having a flash sale that ends tonight and everything is on sale. I saw items as low as $4. On top of that, use one of our exclusive coupon codes to bring your total down by another $10 once you've spent over $50. I also noticed that instead of the flat rate they had on shipping, they now offer free shipping on $50+.

Being a mom with three boys, we go through clothing in this house like we go through toilet paper. In fact, I just unloaded a garbage bag full of size 3 clothing that my youngest has now grown out of. Of course, I pass it down to another mom, so it gets as much use as possible. In the meantime, I need to buy clothes for my oldest and often for my two younger ones, as boys wreck clothes with grass-stained bums, torn out knees and chewed-on collars. This sale is perfect for someone like me!

Hoodies are probably one of the most important items in a little boy's wardrobe. They can be used for so much, even if its just to cover a shirt with food spilled all over it in a rush out the door. True story. The Carter's fleece hoodie is an amazing deal at only $12, with a regular price of $18.

With winter coming, your kids might actually want to start wearing pyjamas. This 4-piece snug fit cotton pj setis super cute for any toddler girl. With a regular price of $20, you'll get both sets for only $14.99.

For the wee ones, Carters has a huge line of onesies with cute sayings, like this Night Owl bodysuit. You'll want to give this as a shower gift to an unsuspecting mom who will laugh at the cleverness, until she realizes babies don't really sleep that great. By then, you'll be long gone, so its ok. This was $6, but now only $3.99, which is a great price!

If I bought three hoodies, the pyjamas and the onesie, my before sale total would be $74, but once I get these sales and add the exclusive coupon, my total comes down to $44.98!

(expiry: 3rd November 2014)


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