Car Cost Canada: Get 3 Free Wholesale Price Reports Now!

Car Cost Canada: Get 3 Free Wholesale Price Reports Now!


Car Cost Canada is an online new car pricing service which we’ve mentioned here on Bargainmoose once before. Their service usually costs $39.95 for a membership, but right now as a Halloween special, you can actually claim 3 FREE wholesale price reports! This is an excellent deal if you are contemplating buying a new car in the near future.

When you click through, you should see the banner advertising this offer, on their home page. Just click the “get started” button, choose your desired make and model, then proceed with the report. It’s possible that this Halloween deal may be for new accounts only so you might have to login with a brand new email address (if you’ve used the service in the past).

You should then see the wholesale price report for your chosen vehicle, showing the retail price, the wholesale price, as well as other aspects like current factory incentive programs. You can then use all this data when you’re buying your new car.

Some of the Moosers have used Car Cost Canada in the past, and here are a few of their actual comments:

We got a call from … and saved 4K to 5K (can’t remember exactly) from what the other salesman insisted the price was to be. I would recommend CCC to anyone and have told my story many times. (Mary Jo)

The last time we bought a vehicle the dealer volunteered the invoice cost and it matched what car cost Canada had said on the report. (Kari)

We have used this and found it very beneficial. We were in the market for 2 vehicles so it worked well for us. (Joy)

If you’ve used CarCostCanada in the past, drop us a line below – we’d love to hear your experiences too. Or, if you use these 3 free reports and save a buttload of money, make sure to come back and tell us!

(Expires: 3rd November 2014)


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