Canaflora Canada: 35% Off Birds Of Paradise + Free Shipping

Canaflora Canada: 35% Off Birds Of Paradise + Free Shipping

Canaflora is offering 35% off their Birds of Rio bouquet, which features stunning Birds of Paradise flowers.  Originally $64.99, the flowers are on sale for $44.99 and come with free shipping.

The regular bouquet features five birds of paradise accented by liatris and mixed green foliage. You can upgrade the regular for an extra fee.

Birds of paradise always remind me of my mother. When I was younger my father use to buy her roses, but once she discovered the birds of paradise she swooned. It was a very special occasion when my father would buy her one and I always loved looking at it: it was so different from your standard flower. The colours were so vibrant and there were so many occurring on just one flower.

When I went to New Zealand for my honeymoon I really enjoyed seeing birds of paradise growing wild where we were staying. It was such a foreign idea, coming from Alberta, that any really pretty colourful flower grows without a gardener's help (sorry Alberta rose).

I really hope some flower-loving or people-loving Moosers can take advantage of this deal. Send flowers to someone you love! Birds of paradise will never be forgotten.

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