Canadian Online Deals – Tips on How to Use Coupon Codes for Extra Discounts

Canadian Online Deals – Tips on How to Use Coupon Codes for Extra Discounts

If you want to find yourself the best deals when doing your online shopping, free online coupons are a very useful tool to save money. This is a quick write-up with some useful tips.

1. Does the store have an extra discount option?

Have you ever been shopping at an online store, and seen an empty box such as "promo codes" or "promotional code"? Well, this can be used to get you special discounts. For example, I recently got 25% discount on my contact lenses order using a Clearly Contacts discount code.

So, any time you're shopping online and are going through the checkout, have a look for the discount box. It may come under a variety of names, from Victoria's Secret offer codes, Linens and Things discount codes, an Avon Canada coupon code, or an Aldo Shoespromo code.

2. Hunt for the discounts!

What I recommend is searchingGoogle Canadafor that exact search term and the company name, e.g. "Staples coupon code". Of course, you can also manually check out Canadian sites that have listings of codes, such as, Dealguild, RFD, or Retailmenot. Sometimes you may find an $X off $X+, or a percentage discount, or even a free shipping coupon code.

3. Hunt some more!

Never settle for the first online coupon you come across - there may be bigger or better coupons online - a few minutes of searching can save you a lot of moola!

4. Fiddle with the coupon code

Sometimes companies are pretty predictable! E.g. AVON10 might give you 10% discount, AVON20 might give you 20% discount! When you find a coupon code and enter it in the field, perhaps try a few other combinations. You may just stumble across a higher value discount!

5. Check the duration of codes

Sometimes, the promotional codes stop working before their expiry date, as they were really popular and the online store decided to cancel the offer code early. The opposite can also be true, sometimes they work well after the announced expiry date.

Tip: Make sure you see the discount amount reflected in your cart or when you go through checkout. Otherwise, the code may not have worked, and you will be charged full price.

6. Some useful points to keep in mind about using online voucher codes:

  • Discount coupons may be case sensitive (E.g. 10OFFwill work, 10off won't)
  • Shopping coupons may only apply to certain products (E.g. Women's clothing)
  • The promotion code may have a limited time span (Expires 31st December)
  • You may only be able to use the discount coupon once per member account

7. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe

Many companies send out free coupons when you subscribe to their email newsletters. E.g. Every week, I get a 20% discount for Linens and Things. I'm signed up to a lot of newsletters using a junk email address, and I often get interesting coupons through!

If you do decide to subscribe to a lot of newsletters, I recommend that you use a free account such as mailinator. Even better - subscribe to the RSS feed on it, so you can quickly browse the content, without having to worry about reading and deleting individual emails :)

The End

Well, that was a bit of a long blog post! Once I started, the words just kept coming and coming! I hope it contained some useful information for you, and I hope I manage to help you save a few bucks!

Happy shopping!

- Anna


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