Canadian Freebies: Woolite Extra Dark

Canadian Freebies: Woolite Extra Dark

Woolite is giving away 100,000 samples of Woolite Extra Dark. This promotion just started on the 21st so there should still be many to go around.

As someone who has a 'blacks' load I have always wondered if Woolite would really make a difference on the shade of that black. Does anyone use Woolite? I remember that the girl from 'What Not to Wear' use to promote it in ads on TV, but of course thats all money, you never know if celebs really believe in the products they promote or not.

Freebie expires 31st, December 2011 or when samples run out.

Thanks to sanders for posting about this in the community forums!


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  • Sandy S.
    I use Woolite Dark for all my dark work-out clothes, and also any dark dress clothes, such as slacks, sweaters, etc. I really do find that it helps prevent that annoying fade-to-grey effect that you see happening with dark colored clothes over time! Excited to try this Extra-Dark sample! Thanks
    • Avigayil
      Thank you for the reply!