Canadian Freebies: Three Free Pens

Canadian Freebies: Three Free Pens


Really nice deal alert! You get to choose 3 pens from a list of pens to have sent to you, for free! This offer comes from Sharpie/Paper-mate/Uni-ball and they have some really nice styles to choose from.

I chose these three:

  • Uni Superink
  • Paper Mate Biodegradable
  • Sharpie Pen Retractable

They have several others to choose from. I ordered the uni superink because it is archival quality, the biodegradable because I like eco-friendly products and the sharpie retractable because it looks nice and I don't like caps, they always go missing.

You will have to put in a company name to order these.

Not sure when this expires, so order soon.


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  • Jen
    I tried about 25 different ways, but it keeps telling me I've entered my phone number incorrectly. Any tips on how to enter this correctly?
    • Anni
      I just put the numbers..ex 111-555-0000 that's all i did and it worked :-) hope that helps
      • monica
        it didnt work for me. any one else know what to do>?
        • Rosita
          I couldn't access the link at all.
          • Eunice
            i wasnt able to access the link after i have entered all the info.
            • Larissa
              Me neither! I'm getting this error message: "Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed." :(
              • Avigayil
                The link seems to be down now. Not sure if it is just down or the offer is over. I will check up on it every few hours to see.
              • Karen
                yup, not working for me either, I clicked on the link and it said error 404 forbidden so could not even access a site?
                • HeleneB
                  I was able to access the site yesterday but couldn't complete the process as it keeps telling me I’ve entered my phone number incorrectly. Today I can't even access the site??????? What gives!!!!!!!!
                  • blondie
                    DOES NOT WORK
                    • karen
                      so frustrationg as I would really like this giveaway! Anna, whats the site from or who is doing this giveaway?
                      • Anna
                        I think the offer must have expired now... Dead link. Got to be fast!
                      • Jeanine R.
                        It worked for me........
                        • Anne
                          I contacted the company a few days ago and explained the issue with the phone number - it got fixed but then I couldn't submit the request. The gal there advised me they are aware of the issue and trying to fix it. She said she'd get back to me when it's up and running again. I'll let you know!
                          • Tiffany
                            Says that due to overwhelming response it's been ended.
                            • Anna
                              I just tested it and it seemed to be working ok.
                              • sam
                                everything worked fine for me!
                            • laura
                              received mine yesterday - finally! i was hoping for the ink to be in a funky color but got a black and blue. got two pens and the correction tape. anyone else??
                              • Avigayil
                                Got mine about 2 days ago. 3 pens. Blue and black ink as well. Still, not bad pens.