Canadian Freebies: Shiseido Skincare Basic Pack + Cotton Sample

Canadian Freebies: Shiseido Skincare Basic Pack + Cotton Sample

We have a nice freebie for you today: a 1-2-3 Skincare Basic pack and 4 piece cotton sample from Shiseido. This offer is only available to Canadians, and only until September 18 while quantities last, so sign up now!

What is in the skin care pack?

Shiseido's 1-2-3 skincare regimen brings you all the aspects of beautiful skin: moisture, smoothness and refined texture. Shiseido's best kept secret is step 2 Soften, which replenishes the skin's moisture after cleansing and prepares it for deeper penetration of serum and moisturizer. Your skin will feel these benefits more effectively than the conventional cleanser - moisturizer regimen.

Sounds good, and it's free!


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  • Lisa K.
    Sounds great!! I absolutely love Shiseido products! They are great quality and feel so good on your skin!! :) You should definitely try this sample if you have not experienced their softener ...I currently use it and it is amazing! It leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated the instant it touches my skin!