Canadian Freebies: Sample of Poise Hourglass Pads

Canadian Freebies: Sample of Poise Hourglass Pads

There is a new free sample pack on Poise's website: it is for Hourglass shaped pads. Included in your free sample will be 1 hourglass shaped moderate pad, 1 hourglass shaped maximum pad, 1 coupon and an informational brochure.

Make sure to choose CANADIAN ENGLISH in the top-ish bar or you will only see a list of states!

They also still have the other freebie I mentioned in a pervious blog post. It is a free liner kit and you would get 2 different size liners, an ultra thin pad, a coupon and a brochure. You can pick whichever one you want through the main link above. :-)

If you do not use disposable pads/liners here are some ideas for what to do with them:

  • donate to women's shelters / community centres / YWCA
  • give to a friend/relative who does
  • stocking stuffers
  • art supplies


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