Canadian Freebies: P&G Brandsampler - New Samples!

Canadian Freebies: P&G Brandsampler - New Samples!

Hot foot your way over to P&G Brandsampler and grab up some of their fresh new samples! Thank you so much to Mooser Callista for posting this on the community forum!

This will go like hot cakes - they always do. I managed to get 4 samples myself:

  • Cascade Action Packs
  • Gain Detergent
  • Crest Whitening Bundle
  • Dish Soap (forget what brand.. oops!)

Enjoy and drop us a line on what you manage to snag!

PS: As Callista said:

In my experience, in your questionnaire if you choose a product that ISN'T a P&G product as your answer you'll have more samples offered to you. They want you to try their product and buy it in the future.


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  • joy
    I got the same 4 samples. The dish soap is Dawn. As a side note the other day @ Shoppers I noticed they sell the sample size Pantene bottles for $3!! I have several from Brandsaver, I guess they are more valuable than I thought.
    • Sharon M.
      I was able to get FIVE samples! The dish soap is Dawn. And I also got a Proglide Razor. Thanks Bargain Moose
      • Avigayil
        Sweet! Awesome grab on the razor. :-)
        • Becci
          I got 5 samples - same 4 as you, plus the proglide razor. Thx!
          • robin
            got 5, poor hubby is now swimming in razors, gets one everytime. it least i have enough he wont need to buy one for a few years :)
            • Monica
              I was lucky enough to get the 5 as well, thank you for the post!!