Canadian Freebies: McDonald’s Free Coffee

Canadian Freebies: McDonald’s Free Coffee


Good morning Canada! It’s here again, McDonald’s will be giving away free coffee for 2 weeks starting 1st March 2010, as tweeted earlier today.

For two weeks stop by McDonald’s on your way to work, school, or any other time during the day for a free coffee. Sizes may be dependent on the location and traffic of the individual restaurant.

I hear their coffee is really nice, I guess it’s time to try it out myself.

UPDATE: The next round of free McDonalds coffee will be on the 15th to 28th November 2010 and you can read more in this McDonalds post.


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  • Anna
    Nice one :) Will probably lead to the purchase of hash browns at the same time though... !
    • Jeremie
      the new coffee blend is 100X better than before
      • jenny
        yes there coffee is really good now... I love when they have the free coffee!!! In the pass it was just during the breakfast hours..... I wonder if it's the same this time?
        • Sam
          We had a party of 3 people visited a local McDonald for breakfast via its drive-thro (at Yonge St & Bernard in Richmond Hill, Ont.). One of us bought a breakfast item, the other two without. We asked for one small coffee for each person to try out 'cause we just found it out last night on TV and endorsed by McDonald's Canada CEO that the free coffee offers is back again, which giveaway one free coffee per person per day all day long this time. But this McDonald's staff told us she will give one free coffee only even we had 3 visitors. This is not what their CEO said in front of TV camera. We are frequent visitors to this local McDonald and we spent so much money at there year round. When it comes to chain-wide freebies, they exercise non-participation. Shame on them! They are tricky (at least for this location)! If you want to try your free cup of coffee, take your business elsewhere to another location.
          • fred
            My friends got 3 free cups (all in one car) via the drive-thru and didn't have to buy anything.
            • Paul
              Ya know, it's actually a lot better coffee than Tim Horton's!! Honestly.
              • Rob
                yes for sure Iam an avid coffee drinker and also rate this better then Tim's
              • Carol
                I had my first cup today. I frequented my local McDonalds during the last free coffee giveaway in Nov 2009, and enjoyed the coffee then too..... however, the drive through is so slow that I don't have the time to wait fifteen minutes in the morning to get my coffee. Tried walking in, but the service at the counter sucked, still took about ten minutes. I need coffee quicker than that !!!!
                • Angela
                  When McD gives out free coffees, and Tim has roll up to win. For sure I will support McD. If you are lucky, you may get one free coffee or donut after buying 30cups of Tim's coffee. For McD, every cup is a sure win, the choice is obvious. But for some McD, staffs did not appear very cheerful when they give out free coffees. Their managers need to make sure staffs don't degrade the level of customer service during this kind of national promotion campaign. They need to make sure free coffees are accompanied with good service and memory, not a bad after taste!
                  • Debbie
                    Absolutely you are so right. They give away any size coffee, there coffee is far better than Tim Hortons and as many as you want so take it home to your friends, I will go there now even when it is not free
                  • Joy
                    I was talking with a friend this morning, he and his wife are regular McD's coffee drinkers and they have noticed as have I that our local McD is watering the coffee down during this free event. I've tried it a few times now (during the free period) and it doesn't taste like their regular stuff. They aren't going to get any new coffee customers at this location by serving watery coffee esp. when there is a Tim's in the same parking lot. They might even lose some customers!!
                    • Suzie
                      Maybe certain locations are watering it down. For my store, it is made the exact same way as we always make it. And the rule is one coffee per customer where I am. Even though we aren't a corporate store.
                      • Sandy J.
                        Love, love, love this coffee!! Timmies coffee?? No thanks, don't like it; always has a bitter taste! Keep it up McDonalds. We don't have one in our small town but everytime I go into the next town where they do have one, my first stop is to get one of their coffee's ......mmmmmmmmm!