Canadian Freebies: Lacoste Fragrance Sample

Canadian Freebies: Lacoste Fragrance Sample

Canadian Freebies Lacoste Fragrance Sample

Choose from Lacoste Love of Pink or Lacoste Challenge.

Simply fill in your essential contact info and they will mail you the sample in a few weeks time. I have heard good things about Love of Pink, what do you think of the fragrances?


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  • emarie
    Its actually love of pink, not touch of pink. Its new :)
    • No N.
      I personally am in LOVE with Lacoste Essential! After hearing great reviews, I decided to purchase the gift set. It is a bit pricey, but I found a giftset at Shoppers for a great deal (stocked up and got two :P) It has great staying power, and people have often commented saying they could smell it days after I sprayed it on my coat. It is a very fresh, clean, sexy scent, perfect for the younger crowd, maybe up to 30 year old me. haha
      • Jenny
        i don't know why but they didn't accept my postal code it said that it was invalid?
        • Win
          What packaging does this come in? Not really a bottle, right? :\
          • Anna
            They're usually a postcard... sadly.