Canadian Freebies: Free Song Every Day from VolumeVote

Canadian Freebies: Free Song Every Day from VolumeVote


VolumeNote offers a free mp3 of a different song each day. They are totally free for you to download. You can even listen to the song before downloading it to see if you even like it. I will be adding this to my daily frequented sites for sure.

I downloaded today's song to check it out, and it went into my iTunes and started playing fine. What it did not do is put the album name, artist name and song name in the right spots.. so I did that then imported the album artwork. It supplies all the info of artist, album, track name.. so it was easy to fix.

My conclusion is this is a fabulous website to broaden your musical horizons and listen to new sounds.

And hey, its free!


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  • Amitabh
    iTunes also has a free single of the week:
    • paula
      Has anyone actually done this one yet? I've tried a couple of times to listen to the song and download it, but neither has worked.