Canadian Freebies: Free Photo Book @ Shoppers!

Canadian Freebies: Free Photo Book @ Shoppers!


This is a deal for new customers on, the digital photo gift website of Shoppers Drug Mart. They are offering a free softcover photo book, it's 20 pages, size 7" by 9", and it is worth $14.99!

Click here to go to

  • CouponCode: PHOTO
  • Discount: Free photo book
  • Expires: 21st November 2010

I had never registered on the site before, so I did so and tested it out. You can choose themes for your photobook, depending on what you want it to look like. For example, I choose the baby girl theme under "baby and kids" to make a photo book for my mom, with pics of my little baby.

The book was pretty easy to make, though it can take a little time to get it just how you want it.

When you're happy with your photo book and have added it to your cart, you can select your pick up location - just choose your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.

What a great freebie!


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  • din
    It expires November 21st. Thanks for the great find!
    • Avigayil
      I am frustrated right now. I cannot get this to work. I have extremely high quality wedding photos that took like an hour to upload, and for some reason it only uploaded them as 'thumbnails' because it is complaining they are too small and giving me the i symbol saying it is having to magnify them 700% etc. It is ridiculous. These photos are massive and great quality.. 3 - 10 MB files each. >.<
      • Anna
        Hate to say it Avi... think it's because you're on a Mac?
        • Avigayil
          The funny thing is the software to do it I have used before with another photo book company and it worked. It also says it is compatible with Safari. I might try sticking the photos on a flash drive and going in on the windows side of my computer when I have time.
          • Heather
            I am on a Mac and it worked fine. Mind you I used Google Chrome instead of Safari
            • liz
              when i was trying to use my mac, i had problems with selecting more than a few photos at a time to upload. so it took forever. i'm on my windows laptop now, and i was able to select 33 photos to upload, no problem. both times using firefox. weird.
      • Heather
        Great find but when I went through the process it told me that it was $0 and when I confirmed the order it's now $14.99 plus tax. :( Now I have to fight with customer service to get my free photo book. Why can't it be easy?
        • nm
          I just made mine. It said $0 when I confirmed it. But in the confirmation email they sent me, it says $14.99. Hopefully I don't have to pay that!!
          • Shirley
            Same thing happened to me .. too a long time to download and just as I finished my photobook .. blamm lost everything .. had to redo it 3 times .. but the confirmation came back as $0 .. phewww
          • Leslie
            Same thing happened to me. Hopefully it's just an automated email response that doesn't register coupon codes??? I HOPE..I hate fighting for prices :(
            • Anna
              No idea about the confirmation email. This offer is advertised on their home page anyway, so they cannot charge you for it. I reckon it's just automated.
              • liz
                I saw on another site that someone had called the customer service to ask about the email .... turns out that their automated email isn`t updated to show the $0, but it is indeed $0.
                • Roberta
                  I had trouble getting the software to work with some of my photos as well. I was uploading photos that were 3Mb and they said they were too small yet my photos that were 1 Mb and 2 Mb were fine.... Arg! Needless to say I just choose different photos. This site is aggravating to negotiate. I saved my work as I went and thought I would come back and finish it later but when I logged back on I realized that there is nowhere to retrieve saved work. I called customer service and they couldn't help me. Why would you be able to save it if you can't get it back? What is the point of that? So I had to redo the whole book - very fustrating! I also notice that it said $0 when I put in the code but at the bottom of the invoice it still said $14 so I updated the invoice before finishing the order and then it changed to $0. Just make sure the WHOLE invoice says $0 before completing your order. I hope the quality is as good as Artscow. I love that site! I won't be using this site again.
                  • kat
                    I uploaded 40 photo's tryed to add 5 more and couldn't !!! Very frustrated right now. Called them twice and they couldn't help me. I gave up. I won't be using this site again.
                    • Cindy
                      I'm only makign this because it's free and might as well take the chance but I won't be again. I wish it would let you organize the order your picture will show up in the photo album. I put random photos but some of them shoul dbe grouped together. But nope, they just scattered it randomly throughout the whole photo album. If there is a way you can choose which photos go to which album page, please let me know!
                      • Ashley
                        You just drag the picture you want from the box at the bottom containing all the pictures. You drag the selected picture to whatever picture you want to replace and presto! Hope this helped!
                        • Cindy
                          Thank you! I forgot to reply!
                      • Cindy
                        Nver mind, i got it! Took 4 hours but I finally finished!
                        • Melissa
                          I found this really easy! When I added my photos I put them in the order I wanted them and they pretty much went into the album that way. I am excited to see what it looks like! The only thing was when I tried to add pics from my comp they were too large and would not upload but facebook compresses them so I just saved them from there and it worked great!
                          • TJ
                            I definitely won't be using Shopper's for photobooks again. I found the software ok once I figured out how to customize the book, but the customer service is TERRIBLE. I got my book (no prob getting it free) and opened it to discover they had changed my font and taken out almost all my apostrophes. (Changed He's to Hes, etc). I called the number on the website - waited on hold for 30 minutes - only to be told that this wasn't the correct number and I needed to call a different number. Called the new one and was told no one could help me because the site was down for the day and I would need to try back the next day. Called the next day and was told that the font just went to default when I ordered. I asked why that would happen, and was asked rather rudely if I understood what a default was. Not impressed. I said yes, but I had customized the font, so why would the program then change it? She said it just happens and I should just remake the book. And about the apostrophes... same thing, it just happens sometimes, so just remake the book (because once you order your book is NOT saved!) and then reorder (and pray it doesn't happen again) and then return the old book and purchase the new book. So then I explained that I had the promo code for the first book, so would I be able to get the new book remade for free also? Her answer - "well, just try using the promo code again and see what happens, otherwise you will have to pay." I'm pretty sure the code won't work anymore since it expired in November. Sheesh. Very disappointed.
                            • Tania
                              There seems to be a lot of negative comments about Shopper's Photobook service. I took advantage of the free Photobook offer and ordered a book on Nov. 21. It still hasn't arrived, and any email inquiries keep responding with "it will be ready for pickup in 2 - 3 days". After several "2 - 3 days" later, I've given up. I'm not too worried because it was free, after all, but it took me ages to make. What a waste of time.