Canadian Freebies: Free Measuring Tape!

Canadian Freebies: Free Measuring Tape!

The Dairy Farmers of Canada are giving out some nice little freebies. The main one is a free measuring tape. These are always handy to have round the house.


Here is a practical tool to measure waist circumference, an indicator that’s more and more recognized for evaluating the risk to health

In addition to the free measuring tape, you can also order factsheets, posters, post-it notes. The freebies depend on what province you live in, but the measuring tape is free Canada wide. You should get your freebies within 1 to 2 weeks!

Thanks blmurch


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  • Cassiebeth
    I ordered mine a few weeks ago and forgot all about it. It came in the mail yesterday. I love getting things i forgot about!
    • Anna
      Yeah, I know what you mean, especially with freebies. It's like getting a nice little free surprise christmas gift!
      • Sandy
        This is awesome. I can put informational sheets everywhere around my mum's daycare. :D
        • Shayne
          I just got my freebies, too! I got quite a bit, I didn't mean to be greedy, but I am planning on joining my school's nutrition club, so I think these will be quite useful! The measuring tape is nice, but I really like the facts sheets and kits. If you go under "Professionals", I think, there are many other useful tools. I got a healthy weight kit, which has a BMI wheel, another tape measure, and some cards, which showing weight, BMI, etc. which will be useful for the club. Anyways, I dont want to go on and on, but a really useful thing for moms is the "Menu Planner" It is divided into sections of vegetables, grains, milk etc, so it really helps you plan out meals for you family, to make sure they get the proper nutrition. It is like a whiteboard, and comes with a marker, which is nice to re-use. it also comes with a detachable shopping list, which is really handy! Try it out, after all, its free!!
          • Kayzie
            I just ordered 1 of everything that was there :P Bad, I know, but so many of my family and friends and I are hardcore about nutritional things, so this was totally amazing..thanks again :P