Canadian Freebies: Free Kashi Bar

Canadian Freebies: Free Kashi Bar

Kashi wants to prove that healthy food can taste great. Take Kashi's "The Cardboard Challenge" and try a Kashi bar and then vote on how it tastes - like cardboard or yummy!

There are four varieties to choose from: Kashi Crunchy Roasted Almond Crunch, Kashi Chewy Trial Mix, Kashi Fruit & Grain Peanutty Dark Chocolate, and Kashi Soft-Baked Blackberry.

Once you've made your selection, enter your mailing address and then wait 4-6 weeks to get your free bar!

If you vote, the choices are: I Loved The Taste (Don't Eat the Box), Eat The Box (Sorry, the bar tastes like cardboard) and It was Tasty (but I still want to see you eat the box). It will be interesting to see how the vote turns out and if Laurie will have to eat any cardboard!

I'm looking forward to trying the Kashi Fruit and Grain Peanutty Dark Chocolate bar! Yum!

Thank you to Mooser Diane for sending us this deal!


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