Canadian Freebies: Free iTunes Song Download

Canadian Freebies: Free iTunes Song Download


iTunes has partnered with Starbucks to bring us a “Single of the Week” every Tuesday. Just drop into Starbucks, and pick up your free itunes download card (They are located where you usually pick up your beverage).

  • DownloadCode: See back of card (each code is unique, can be used once)
  • Discount: 1 Free Song, chosen by iTunes
  • Conditions: Have an iTunes Account
  • Expiry: Two Months from date of issue

You do not need to purchase anything from Starbucks in order to get your free song.

New cards are put out every Tuesday morning, and are left on the counter until they are all gone. There have been occasions where I went to Starbucks on a Thursday and they were still there, but other times when I went on a Tuesday night and they were all gone, so be quick!!!

This may not be a fantastic deal for those who download ALL of their songs for free, but for the few of us who purchase all of our music, it's a nice treat!

I know we are on Bargainmoose, and we’re all about saving money, but is there anyone out there that still buys their music??? Leave a comment below!


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  • Andrea
    I for one still buy my music. Soon enough downloading in Canada will be illegal too, just getting used to things before they happen i guess. And these free Itunes downloads are great, i pick one up every time I get a coffee.
    • Kendra
      I don't like to download freebies anymore. Half the time they aren't what you wanted anyways or the file is corrupted half way through. Plus, I'm in an artistic line of work and even though there is such a small portion of music costs that go towards the artist, every bit helps. I do love the Starbucks freebies though!
      • Shayne
        Thats great to hear Andrea and Kendra! iTunes also has their single of the week, different to the Starbucks one, so you could end up getting two free songs a week! :) Being a sneaky guy, I made another account in the US iTunes store, where they have a free single of the week as well as a free music video of the week. So I end up getting 3 songs and a video each week- not bad! Another place to get some free songs is Urban Outfitters. If you go to You can download their "Lstn" Tracks, but you need a US iTunes Account (Another reason I created one). The download is quite large: 25 songs. Right now they have 6 Lstn downloads, but so far, I found only 5 and 6 work with iTunes, they other just saved as a zip file, which ended up being useless. Sorry about the long comment, there was so much to say! But you'll end up with 50 or more free songs- not bad!
        • Shayne
          I realize you need a US credit card to create a US account, but I found out a way that you don't need one. Read on if you are interested in creating one in order to get even more free songs and music videos. It does take a couple minutes, but if you want free music, legally, that's what it takes. You will also need a new email address, one that has not been used on iTunes before. Another thing- I suggest listening to the tracks online before downloading them, in case there is nothing you like, just to save yourself the trouble of creating an account and finding out you hate all the songs. I must say, some of them are quite "interesting"... 1) Open iTunes (make sure you are signed out of your regular account) 2) Right at the bottom of the iTunes Store Home Page, there is a place for you to change the country. Change it to USA 3)Go to and under Lstn #6, click "Download Mix". On the next page, on the right hand side of the screen, it will say "Click here to download" 4)Once you click that, it opens iTunes and asks you to sign in, so you click "Create account" 5)It takes you to the terms and conditions, and then you create your new Apple id. 6) After that, it asks for your details, and instead of putting your credit card, there is a box that says "none" click that, and below it will Say "Redeem" or something to that effect. (I am running off memory, as I didn't want to create, yet another iTunes account) 7) Just fill in your details, and click ok. I think it then takes you to the "Redeem" page, where it has already entered a code for you (your free songs) and click "redeem" . 8) Your downloads will start downloading, and you will be able to enjoy your free, legal music. :) **To download the Lstn #5, just log in to your US iTunes Account, and got to the website and click on the Download Lstn #5, and it will open iTunes,, and so on. Once you have created your US Itunes store account, you can download the US single of the week, as well as the video of the week. They also have other free download from time to time. Hope you enjoy all of your new FREE music! :)