Canadian Freebies: Free Candy From Tangy Zangy!

Canadian Freebies: Free Candy From Tangy Zangy!

I can’t refuse free candy! Tangy Zangy are offering free candy samples if you join their mailing list online.

(Click “stay connected” and fill in your details)

It says the freebies are available in the US and Canada, so we should be good! This is the sort of candy that I love! I’m not a big chocolate fan, but I love this type of fun colored candy. The sour flavors aren’t my favourite, but I’ll eat them!


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  • David
    Yummmmm! I got my FREE Tangy Zangy yesterday....not only was it yummy, it was FREE which made it even better!
    • wench
      i got mine also, however, my son ate them within ten seconds! but he said they were good ;)
      • Anna
        Yay! I'm really glad to hear when a freebie comes - thanks for letting me know guys!!
        • Heather
          Holy Cannolle!! BEST. FREEBIE. EVER. :) Thank you so much. I will have to hide this from the kids. ;)
          • Heather
            I just got mine and they were gooooood. And yes, I gave my kids some. :P Thanks for sharing!
            • Shayne
              I just check the website out now, and I guess the deal is done, it said nothing about free candy. Oh well :(... I'll be quicker next time!!
              • justine
                I'm waiting on my free candy it still hasn't came
                • Anna
                  Best contact the company themselves Justine :)