Canadian Freebies: Free Calendars For 2010

Canadian Freebies: Free Calendars For 2010


I'm going to put together a post with details on free calendars for 2010. Some of the companies are starting to give these out already, so I will start to keep track of them. It's never to early to claim a free calendar!

I will bump this post up whenever I find new free 2010 calendars.

To be continued...


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  • John
    The New Yorker one is a contest. When i submitted it said good luck and thanks for entering the sweepstakes.
    • blondie
      when i entered the one for Louisana design and print they want to you to play a game ,but read you get charged $2 for the game
      • Anna
        I didn't see that at all blondie.
        • L
          I just put a fake number into the telus one and it said a calendar will be mailed to me in 4-6 weeks :)
          • Lauren
            L- thats kind of like the whole swiss chalet thing that happened a while ago! I feel bad for that poor soul who isnt going to get their calendar, but it's Telus' fault for not asking for something other than the number ie maybe billing address. Oh well, if companies cannot think of what their consumers are going to do, then its their loss.
            • L
              I only put one number in. I highly doubt I was able to guess a telus customers number. I think it works with any phone number.
              • L
                I just tried it again with my own cell phone number (which is Bell) and it still worked.
                • Ro
                  Just a heads-up: the New Yorker one is gone now. It says, "This sweepstake is inactive! Sorry! "
                  • Anna
                    Thanks Ro, was fine yesterday so looks like it has only just ended.