Canadian Freebies: Free Bottle of Coca Cola at Mac's Stores Printable Coupon

Canadian Freebies: Free Bottle of Coca Cola at Mac's Stores Printable Coupon


We love when Moosers send us deals! Thank you to Mooser Caroline for sending us this freebie! I don't know much about this promotion, but evidently if you take this coupon into your local participating Mac's convenient store they will give you a free 414 ml bottle of a Coca Cola brand beverage. That would include Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coca Cola, and Sprite.

This reminds me of a funny story of one of the differences between Canadians and Americans. I was at an international youth convention many years ago and one of the most interesting topics it seems was the argument over whether 'pop' should be appropriately called pop or soda. I'm not sure if all regions of the US call pop 'soda' but many do. Didn't it use to be called soda pop?

Coupon good till the 10th of October, 2010.


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  • Steven
    Funny you should bring up that debate Anna....I was on a business trip to Atlanta once, when I learned that all pop was referred to as 'Coke'. Therefore, when you ordered a 'Coke' in a restaurant, you had to describe the 'Coke' by flavour. I believe it is because Coca-Cola has a large business presence in Atlanta, and therefore 'Pepsi' is a bad word there!
    • Anna
      That was Avigayil writing above :) Coke FTW!
      • Avigayil
        I'm invisible :D What is FTW anyway?
  • joy
    Many Canadian restaurants also refer to all colas as "Coke". I hate Pepsi so I have learned to check and make sure it really is Coke. As for what it is called in the US, depends on where you are, pop, soda, soda pop, all are used.
    • Valerie
      I grew up in Boston and all pop was called tonic then !!!
    • joy
      Oh yeah, and Canadian "Coke" is different than US "Coke". The Canadian version is much sweeter.
      • Annie
        Hey Anna..i wonder if it will work here. I live in Ontario and on the printable coupon it says Valid at participating Mac's Convenience store locations in MB, SK, AB and NWT. Has anyone tried to get these in Ontario? Just wondering
        • oreo
          i went to my local Mac's , they said they dont have the seize 414 i guess not every where carries this products!