Canadian Freebies: deviantART Muro

Canadian Freebies: deviantART Muro


This is free for everyone on the planet but it is such a cool program for all the gifted artists out there I wanted to make sure you were hooked up. deviantART, that famous website, has released a program called Muro - an awesome drawing application that you don't have to download. You can hook your Wacom tablet up to it for added drawing fabulousness, or just doodle about.  This isn't the stake in paintbrush's heart, this is the incinerator.

Here is what the guys at deviantART had to say about their product:

deviantART is proud to present the all-new deviantART Muro, an HTML5-based drawing app with professional layer capabilities, pressure sensitivity on Wacom tablets, and a ton of great brushes. Best of all, it’s free!

Now, not all the brushes are free. If you have a deviantART account you can maybe check this out: perhaps they are free if you have an account. I don't. I suck at drawing. I even suck at doodling. However, the Muro can make my doodles resemble something vaguely artistic. The image above is a rendering of my imagination done in Muro.

So to sum up: this is a cool little program that is free. It doesn't need to download onto your computer, it makes saving images easy... and if you have a Wacom tablet, a deviantART account, or some artistic talent I am sure deviantART Muro is going to be a blast!


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