Canadian Freebies: Clearly Contacts Canada Free Glasses Giveaway

Canadian Freebies: Clearly Contacts Canada Free Glasses Giveaway


Yet another free glasses giveaway from Clearly Contacts Canada! Wow! I don't know how they can keep offering up free glasses. There will be 10,000 pairs of free glasses available to first time customers of Clearly Contacts on the 17th of May, 2011 at 12 pm EDT (noon).

  • Click here to get your free glasses from Clearly Contacts on 17th, May
    • Discount: Free Glasses
    • Coupon Code: 10KCA517
    • Expires: 17th, May 2011

    Here's how to get your free glasses:

    Go to Clearly Contacts website to pick out your favourite glasses.  It is recommended that you do this prior to the the giveaway so you are ready to go when the promo starts. On the 17th, May at 12pm EDT, place your order and enter the coupon code above during checkout.

    If you aren't a first time customer, no worries! Existing customers who have never received a free pair of glasses can enter their name and address to get a personalized coupon for a free pair of glasses immediately! You will have to 'Like' them on Facebook to access this offer. Click on Free Glasses on the sidebar and then scroll down to find the area where you enter your name and email address.

    So either way: if you have never had a free pair of glasses: you can get a pair! Mark your calendars.


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    • lululime
      Does this giveaway also apply to sunglasses?
      • Jodie
        "The free promo is for our glasses selection only. However, if you would like to make a pair of prescription sunglasses, you can add a tint to your lenses and simply pay for the cost of the tinting, which is about $30."
      • Melissa L.
        The link to this giveaway is not working. Can you check that, please?
      • feoilseantoir
        Hi. I am an existing customer that has never received a free pair of glasses. I "liked" them on Facebook, and I see the coupon code. However, I cannot find where I enter my info for the coupon for existing customers. Please help.
        • Jodie
          I asked Clearly Contacts and they said it is under free glasses, but I'm not seeing it now either.
        • Kristin
          I guess this will only apply to frames that do not say "coupons not applicable" underneath them, right? Also, do you know if you can get a different prescription? Like could I buy contacts with my prescription and get the free glasses made with my husband's prescription?
          • Jodie
            I think that should be fine, you'll have to give it a try!