Canadian Freebies: Band-Aid Brand Perfect Fit

Canadian Freebies: Band-Aid Brand Perfect Fit


This week at, they are offering totally free samples of Band-aid Brand Perfect Fit, as they mentioned in their last email newsletter. This sample will be going live sometime today, Tuesday July 6, 2010.

Now, when you click the above link to, you might see last week’s offer as the page has not yet been updated (Tylonal). If you see the Band-aids, be sure to get a sample because usually they only offer 4000 samples. Also, please drop us a comment here to let other readers know they are finally available.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: LIVE @ 10:30 am Mountain time with 3999 more samples left!

UPDATE #2: As of 3:30 pm Mountain time, all samples gone, sorry folks!


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  • Shannon
    The Band-Aid freebee offer is now available.
    • laura
      it's live!
      • Samira
        its up!
        • Avigayil
          Thanks so much! Updated post!
          • laura
            something's off - it's been half an hour since i got my sample and it's still reading 3999....
            • cher s.
              it read 3999 when i just registered too!
              • Avigayil
                Perhaps the counter is not updating properly. As with all 5 of us requesting samples... it should certainly be below 3999. lol
                • joy
                  Still showing 3999 @ 2pm est
                  • Avigayil
                    My husband got a sample from this after they fixed it. The sample is just one band-aid. Like, sure it is suppose to be the band-aid to end all band-aids.. but really... one? Just last week the 2 of us went through 4 band-aids.
                    • joy
                      I was also impressed with my 1 bandaid sample, and it was a tiny little bandaid at that!! With 2 kids we go through bandaids at an amazing rate. i'm saving my super bandaid for that really special cut!
                      • Tracy
                        Keep this link about because right now if you click on it the offer is Reactine Allergy meds. (August 18)