Canadian Freebies: Aveeno Skin Relief (July 20 Only)

Canadian Freebies: Aveeno Skin Relief (July 20 Only)

Aveeno has their Tuesday freebie sample again, this time it is Aveeno Skin Relief. Only 4,000 trial offers of Aveeno Skin Relief will be available. It will go live sometime today, July 20, we are just not sure when. Supplies are limited, so we really encourage you to check back often.

If it still shows the Band-aid offer, they are not released yet. If you see they have updated to the Aveeno offer, please drop us a note!

I have used Aveeno products before and have been quite satisfied with them. For their price they are quite a decent product and do a good job on the moisturizing front.

JULY 20, 2010 ONLY!


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  • Ashley
    Did everyone already claim the samples? Is that why the site is "off-line" right now?
    • joy
      it's still offline. generally when they have reached their 4000 giveaways they just have a message saying they are out. have never seen this message before. why do they have to pick tuesday to have the freebies??? they pick the 1 day i am away from the computer for the whole day!
      • Avigayil
        Ashley & Joy: Their website has been down most the day, I have been monitoring it. The last time it was up it still had the band-aid free trial so I don't think they have released the Aveeno one yet. I wonder if they went to and it crashed their site or something. Joy: I know, Tuesdays is a really odd day!
        • asdf
          The website is up now. 3100 left at time of posting
          • Avigayil
            Thanks for the heads up!!! 2082 left as of now!
          • Rodrigo S.
            Hi, they have updated to the Aveeno offer right now!
            • Ashley
              Does anyone how big these samples are? Usually, how big are the samples from Living Well? As of now, 697 samples left!
              • Avigayil
                I have no idea! I have never received one of these freebies before as this is only my second time requesting one (and I think the previous time my form got messed up).
              • laura
                i received a mens lotion of some sort the other day from living well and it was just a tiny sample size, not a full size.
                • Avigayil
                  I just received the sample for this Aveeno offer, its 59 ml... so a decent size for a sample. Good traveling size. I think sample size depends on product being offered.