Canadian Freebies: Aearo E-A-R

Canadian Freebies: Aearo E-A-R

Aearo E-A-R Free Sample

If you have sensitive ears, or would just prefer to hear less noise, try this E-A-R free ear plugs sample.

Fill in your contact info for your free sample of ear plugs. There are different models of ear plugs to choose from, which can be difficult because the site won’t let you look them up. They may also give you some difficulties if you don’t have a “business” or business sounding email.

I don’t know about you, but this is a useful freebie for me. I have an extremely noisy household, so these are going in if I want to go to sleep early. Zzzz...


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  • Sandy
    I tried to get this sample but it wouldn't accept my personal email address ;(
    • blondie
      will not send if you use a personal email address,even if it is your business email address.
      • mishieru
        i used my university email... and it worked!
        • iliketurtless
          use 10 minute mail, worked for me xD