Canadian Freebies: 25 Prints from Costco

Canadian Freebies: 25 Prints from Costco


If you sign up for a NEW Costco photo centre online account you are entitled to 25 free prints! You can pick up your prints by then next day at your local Costco store, very convenient.

I haven't tested this freebie out as I haven't got any pics I want to print yet (still waiting on my wedding pictures) so if you take advantage of this, let us know how your pictures turn out! I know nothing as to Costco's photo quality.

Expiry of promotion unknown.


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  • Erin C.
    we always get our pictures done at costco and have not had any issues. even the 8 x 10 enlargements (at certain locations) have turned out well. i usually wait until they have a deep discount on 4x6, and get a few months worth of pics developed. it's great to get those pictures off your hard drive and into an album!
    • Ania
      I always use Costco. I personally find their prints of much better quality than Walmart and FutureShop. Any time I have issues (one time I had a faint line through some photos, another time an orange blotch - it doesn't happen often but I do print A LOT) I just go back with the photos and they reprint them for free!
      • Jody
        The pictures are good quality and the service is really quick. Often I can order the prints from home and by the time I go to Costco and shop they are ready for pick up. The promotion has been on for a while so I think it is a permanent deal.
        • Jessica
          Does anyone know if I can use the deal if I don't have a costco card?
          • joy
            You can only get pics done there with a membership. They are the BEST!! Never any problems! Great promos (I think there is 1 coming up soon).
            • Kris
              Costco quality is top of the line. I have even had better results there than at "pro" labs. They have a deal on right now at . Order more than 50 prints and get them for 9 cents each. It goes until the 12th.
              • joy
                The promo is coming up the beginning of November for 10 cent prints. I like to wait and print a huge order to take advantage of the specials.