Canadian Freebie: Medium Slurpee From 7-Eleven Canada

Canadian Freebie: Medium Slurpee From 7-Eleven Canada

When you download the new app for 7-Eleven on your iPhone or Android you will instantly receive a coupon for a free medium Slurpee!

The new 7-Eleven app will not only give you this great coupon but also other coupons, product deals, and insider information on 7-Eleven.

I usually don't bother with these 'download an app and get a deal' things but I just moved within one block of a 7-Eleven and I LOVE Slurpees. They just released a new flavour called the Mountain Dew Voltage Slurpee (which contains caffeine, by the way) that I want to try. I will probably pick one of those days I feel Zombie-ish and then drop by for my free medium Slurpee and get that fantastic sugar and caffeine rush.

I have noticed my Slurpee habits have changed though. When I was a kid I tried to pack as many flavours into one cup as I could. Now I go for a maximum of two flavours - half and half. I have also noticed that a medium is perfect whereas when I was a kid, it was the larger the better! I still get the frozen brain or backbone sensation from it though!!! Do you?

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(Thanks to jglaab08 for the pic!)


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