Canadian Freebie: Free Admission To Ontario Science Centre September 29th

Canadian Freebie: Free Admission To Ontario Science Centre September 29th

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If you are looking for something to do on Sunday, the Ontario Science Centre is offering absolutely free admission to everyone, and a special price on all IMAX films.

The Ontario Science Centre is celebrating Community Day, by giving everyone free admission, plus special programming all day. The normal prices are $22 for adults, $16 for youth and $13 for children. A family of four with a youth and a child could save $73!

For $9 adults can check out the IMAX films Flight of the Butterflies and Under the Sea, essentially paying the children's price. It is suggested you get your tickets early and line up 20 minutes beforehand.

I've been to the Ontario Science Centre a number of times and it is always a great experience, with lots to do and see and many interactive displays for adults and kids to enjoy. The only time I didn't enjoy myself was when I went on a special weekend (I forget what was special) and it was crazy crowded. My kids got into arguments with other kids who grabbed things out of their hands, and that didn't just happen once. People forgot the definition of personal space and the pizza place ran out of pizza. So, my suggestion is to go early, before everyone else gets their butt out of bed, and spending only an hour or two. I wouldn't plan to make it an all-day thing.

Even the Science Centre has tips for enjoying your day like getting outside (you will need a breather), bringing your lunch (trust me on this one - it is expensive on top of long lines), and to be a kid again and just enjoy yourself! They also suggest planning your visit by figuring out what you want to see and going to see it first, rather than hoping for the best and wandering around.

There are lots of special events going on in addition to what I've mentioned, but you can check out the times for all of these at the link above.

Parking is an additional cost of $10.

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