Canadian Deals: USB Plasma Ball For $7.77! (TODAY)

Canadian Deals: USB Plasma Ball For $7.77! (TODAY)

How cool is this??! A USB powered plasma ball gadget for your computer desk!? You’ll have to be fast, as this Canadian deal is valid for today only, and it might sell out!!

You can order your USB powered plasma ball for only $7.77 from the Source By Circuit City. You don’t even have to pay shipping fees, you can collect at your local store for free!!

I really want one of these, but I just have so much clutter on my desk, I don’t think I have the room for it. USB plasma balls are the height of geek-cool (otherwise known as “gool”)! It doesn’t state how big it is on their web page, I reckon it would be fairly small.

A friend of mine has quite a large plasma ball, and you can do some cool tricks with it. For example, if you hold one hand on the top of the plasma ball, and slowly reach out to touch someone else’s skin, you can give them a teeny weeny electric shock. I was trying to do this to my brother in law, but the electric shock kept bouncing back and hitting me!! Apparently he had worked with welding equipment a lot in his life, and this is the reason I couldn’t shock him.

This deal is one of the daily deals mentioned in this thread, there are a few merchants that offer a great Canadian deal every day. :)


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