Canadian Daily Deals Aggregator

Canadian Daily Deals Aggregator


The regular Bargainmoosers will all be very familiar with the daily deal / group buy sites which have been exploding in Canada over the last year or so, such as Groupon and Wagjag. These sites offer limited time deals, which can sometimes save you quite a bit of money. They're particularly good for local offers, such as hair styling and restaurants.

Deliverthedeals is an aggregator of these type of sites, and they have made a really handy tool which I want to share here on Bargainmoose.

If you click the above link,  you'll see a mini-version of deliverthedeals integrated on Bargainmoose. The landing page has a feature which is particularly relevant to me - online deals.  The page shows all the online deals which you can simply purchase there and then, rather than those localised deals, specific to your particular city.

In the past, we've had some excellent deals such as $25 for $50 at The Gap, $20 for $40 at The Body Shop, and these are the kind of deals I hope we spot on the aggregator. If you see a stonking hot deal, please email usand we would blog it up as well.

Of course, if you want to see the deals in your local city, you can click on the "deals nearby" tab on our Canadian daily deals page. Just pop in your city, and you can see what offers are available to you, from all the daily deal sites. For example, I typed in Calgary, and there were 16 different offers available.

I hope you bookmark our Canadian daily deals aggregator and stop by on a daily basis, and grab the best bargains!


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  • Yumiko
    Oh thanks for sharing this aggregator. I've been using which I like, especially the layout :)
    • Alice
      Thanks! I've been using this one: You can change the city of course.
      • Amy
        I have been using, thanks for the info here!
        • Elaine
          I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there is a site with the same name as your aggregator. People would definitely confuse the two.
          • Anna
            I've just titled a post that, is nothing to do with any other site... my aggregator doesn't have a name. It's from
          • Justine
            Hmm Canadian Daily Deals eh?
            • Thomas
              I checked out the site. Nice, but one that I found is cleaner and easier to use is: One problem I had with some of the other aggregators is that they would send me repeat deals every day. This site lets you select to receive only new daily deals! Kinda cool!
              • Alex
       is a great website as well for daily deals, coupons and freebies. But they don't send emails daily with all the deals on them :(
                • joe
                  Hi, I found this great deal on *****, it's $45 for $100 worth of Clothing at *****. It's even better than when they did a GroupOn deal by $5! Check it out: **** I dunno why you guys dont have it... Joe * Mod edit - no self promotion allowed, please use the contact us link if you wish to contact Bargainmoose
                  • Jesse F.
                    I've been using for now. Gotta say happy to see there's some other alternatives will be giving onespout and bargainmoose's aggregator a try