Canadian Coupons: Cheaper Tourist Attractions In Ontario!

Travelling or holidaying in Ontario, Canada? I’ve found a plethora of discount coupons for attractions in the province of Ontario. As you can see there are loads of discount coupons and deals, from Zoo coupons to museum coupons.

I’ll list them all in here – just print them out and take them with you when you travel!


  • Julie
    This was an AMAZING offering! Sooo many great coupns and deals from this list! Thank you!! I LOVE!!!
  • Sheryl
    This site is amazing!! There are places on here that I haven't heard of in awhile and would love to re-visit with the kids!! Thanks!!
  • Rosemary
    Wish these coupons were updated! I have relatives from Ireland visiting for 2 weeks, and all the places we want to visit have expired coupons on this website. Disappointing.....
    • Anna
      Rosemary, this post was made over a year ago. We are a blog... the nature of a blog is that it's a rolling update of deals, with new deals on the front page...

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