Canadian Cartel: Sale On Men's & Women's Voleurz Fashion

Canadian Cartel has men's and women's fashions from Voleurz on sale for 50% or more. Some items are not available in all sizes and/or colours, offer ends August 27th 2012.

There are many items on sale for men, like this Voleurz mens jacket – Takeo – blue that was $150 and is now $75. A very nice looking jacket, but unfortunately, it's only available in small and large.

How about sweaters, this Voleurz mens fleece – bandit -grey that was $80 and is now $40 is still available in 2XL sizes.

There are still some tees available, like this Voleurz mens tee – teepee- light grey, but only size in this is large. The price was $40 and is now $19, so it's a good deal if you take a large.

Lots of items sold out already in women's section, but still a few left, like this Voleurz womens knit – lorean – grey that was $45 and is now $22.50. There is still medium sizes left.

I like this Voleurz womens woven-nerezza-blue that was $65 and is now $32.50. This is available in XS along with this Voleurz womens jacket – caprarina – khaki that was $120 and is now $60.

All together, there are not many sizes left in any of the sale items, so don't wait too long.

Shipping: Free on orders over $75.

(Expiry:27th August 2012)

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