Canada's Wonderland Coupons: Discounted Admission!

Canada's Wonderland Coupons: Discounted Admission!


I've spotted a coupon code to get you discount prices on your tickets for Canada's Wonderland. Here are the details:

  • Coupon Code: Thrills09
  • Expires: 1st November 2009
  • How: Put it in the "company ID" field
  • Prices:
  • Junior / Senior $28.00 (Reg: $31.49) for ages 3 & over, under 48″ tall or ages 60 and over
  • Regular Admission Single Day $37.00 (Reg: $42.44) for ages 3-59, over 48″ tall in shoes
  • Pay once visit twice $47 (Reg: $57.30) for Ages 3 and up, over 48" tall in shoes

So for those of you taking your kids for some theme park fun, it's going to save you a few dollars!

I'm not a fan of theme park rides at all. I don't mind the slow ones, ones that don't shake you up like a milkshake. But when it comes to those topsy turvy 20 gee rides, no thanks! Actually, just looking at pictures of roller coasters makes me feel ill. If I visited Canada's Wonderland with family and friends, I would be the designated bag holder or photo taker. I would not be on the scary rides!


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