CanadaComputers: ROCCAT Kone XTD for only $60 (Save $30)

CanadaComputers: ROCCAT Kone XTD for only $60 (Save $30)

roccatGet $30 off a top notch, precision ROCCAT Kone XTD gaming mouse from Canada Computers!

I try not to do this too often but am going to pull a copy and paste job on some of the features of this because there are a lot and the people who make the mouse are going to do a better job of telling you about them than I am. Hopefully this will help you fully realise how awesome this mouse really is and what all the features do.

  • Fully-Adjustable 8200DPI Pro-Aim (R3) Sensor - with 41 true DPI settings, from 200 to 8200
  • ROCCAT Click Master - switch tech powered by Omron for precision button activation
  • Easy-Shift[+] Button Duplicator - with Easy-Aim + Easy-Wheel functions for max command power

Pretty awesome, huh? There are many more features though, click through to see the list.  People always talk about how much power they are putting in to cell phones nowadays but I think it's more impressive the amount of processing power they are putting in to the most basic of peripherals, the mouse. They have a 72MHz ARM chip in here, not to mention 576KB of RAM. It doesn't sound like a lot nowadays of course, but it's a lot for a mouse.

This thing has pretty good reviews getting an 8/10 from critics and a 9/10 from consumers according to Engadget. Of course they only have one critic review and one consumer review so take that for what it is. AnandTech reviewed the mouse and loved it but said it was a bit pricey. Luckily for you we are saving you $30 on this awesome mouse. It's normally selling for $89.99 but you get it for $59.99!

Shipping is based on where you live or you can buy online and pickup in-store if you live nearby.

(Expires: 27th January 2014)


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