Buy 1 Get 1 Free On Energizer Batteries @ Toys R Us Canada

Buy 1 Get 1 Free On Energizer Batteries @ Toys R Us Canada

On the Toys R Us Canada online store, all Energizer Max batteries priced at $8.99 are on a buy 1 get 1 free special offer. Just pop a couple in your cart to see the discount appear.

There are 4 sets of batteries in this offer; the ever popular double As, triple As, Cs and Ds.

As for shipping, you have to spend $100 for free shipping, so that's not likely going to be a $100 order for just batteries. But if you're shopping at anyway, then maybe throw a couple of packs of these batteries into your order as well.

The older my daughter gets, the more and more batteries we need in our household. Almost all the toys she gets for birthdays and Christmas seem to need at least 2 or 3 double As. And if the batteries run out and the toy doesn't make that magical annoying sound any more, then it's just not worth having.

While I usually buy Eneloop rechargeable for almost everything, sometimes you need some regular batteries on hand for emergencies.  A good example is my electric pepper mill. When I first bought it and opened it up, I could not believe that it took SIX triple As. SIX!! Plus, I found the rechargeable batteries just didn't seem powerful enough for the little motor, and ran out within a few days. I tend to use these normal batteries in the pepper mill, as they last for months. I wish I'd gone for a rechargable set like these!

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