Bunch O Balloons $7.50 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

Bunch O Balloons $7.50 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

Bunch O Balloons are the best way to have water balloon fights this summer! If you're fast, you can snag them from Chapters.Indigo.ca for $7.50 each pack, including shipping and handling.

With the Bunch O Balloons, you will have 100 water balloons ready for action in under one minute. Assorted colours may ship, but the kids won't care what colour they are when they are throwing them at each other.

Plus for $7.50 as opposed to $14.95 for 100 easy-to-use water balloons... who can complain? Imagine having the ultimate water fight with only minutes of prep? That sure beats hours of filling up water balloons if you ask me!

Until August 10th, you'll also get free shipping at Chapters.Indigo.ca with no minimum spend.


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  • Meagan L.

    n, just make it a game to pick up the rubber bits lol

    • Véronique D.

      Lol like pick up 52 but with 1 millions pieces?!?!

      • Rachelle L.

        The package I got at Costco said the balloons were biodegradable and it's the same company :slight_smile: