Bulk Barn: Save $3 on Purchases of $10+

Bulk Barn: Save $3 on Purchases of $10+

Bulk Barn has their most popular coupon back.  Save $3 on purchases of $10 or more.  This is a printable coupon and will be valid until November 1st 2012.

There is a limit of 1 coupon per week. With Halloween just around the corner, it is a great time to grab a few of those party items you might be needing.  They have a ton of candies and munchies that make great party treats.

My son's birthday is in November and I love stocking up on birthday supplies with this coupon.  They have great items for cake toppers and candy party favors for birthdays.

Since you can use this coupon over the course of a couple of weeks, I would suggest heading in for a couple of small purchases adding up to just over $10 each time, if you need to buy a lot of things.  That way, you will save the $3 more than once!

This is an awesome Bulk Barn coupon to take advantage of.


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