Bulk Barn: Free $5 Gift Card with $15 Purchase

Bulk Barn: Free $5 Gift Card with $15 Purchase

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Bulk Barn Canada often has coupons for save $3 on $10 but this time is a little bit different.  This time around, they are offering a much better deal.  When you spend just $15 or more, you will receive a $5 gift card to use on any future purchases.

There is no coupon this time around to get this deal and there are no exclusions as to what you can buy to reach the $15 minimum.

Additionally, you will be allowed to get one gift card per customer per visit.  That means, you can head in as many times as you would like and load up on the gift cards.  I suggest you figure out exactly what you would like to get and only spend $15 at a time.  For example, if you have a list that will be about $45 worth of items, divide it into three trips.  That way, instead of getting just one $5 gift card for your purchase, you will end up getting three $5 gift cards with the grand total of $15 free on future purchases.

The $15 minimum is a pretty small one considering the amount of gift cards you can actually rack up with this deal!

I am an avid shopper at Bulk Barn because they have such great deals.  I do all my birthday party shopping there, holiday party shopping, and even my healthy snack grocery shopping there. I can literally get my baking supplies for my kids birthday party, decorations for the cake, a funky themed cake pan or muffin tray and even goodies for the goodie bags.  I also grab a bunch of candy for the standard pin-iota that I always do for the kids.

I also shop there to stock up on healthy snacks for the family.  They offer a huge variety of healthy nuts, seeds, dried fruit, quinoa, grains, and a lot of other items to make some very healthy meals and snacks for my family.

Don't forget to check out this week;s specials before you head in.  You will get more for your money shopping the deals making a free gift card even sweeter.  Each province or city may have different specials so just pick your location to see all the great deals.

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