Build A Fire Truck For Free @ Home Depot Canada on October 3rd

Build A Fire Truck For Free @ Home Depot Canada on October 3rd


What kid wouldn't love to build a fire truck? What parent wouldn't want them to do it, for free? Home Depot Canada has a free workshop coming up this Saturday, October 3rd. During this workshop, kids can learn how to build a fire truck using a hammer and glue for totally free.

Usually Home Depot Canada has a few free workshops every month, but this month they only have one. This particular workshop sounds pretty awesome though, and I plan to attend with my son although he is not quite 4. He is 3, but my local Home Depot store said that was fine as long as I helped him out with the tasks. Cool! I get to build a Fire Truck. You will want to get up early on Saturday if you sign up for this event. It starts at 10 AM and I have heard that they don't wait for you if you are late.

The duration of this workshop is about 2 hours. So if you have a kiddo that doesn't like to sit and listen to instructions for very long, then this might not be the free workshop for you. I find the Home Depot work shops are a lot of instruction and talking. But hopefully in the end, your family will get to take home the adorable Fire Truck that your kiddo got to make during the Home Depot Canad kids' workshop.

This is something I will probably keep until my son is 30. I am weird like that, and I like to keep everything he makes. But this is definitely one I can display in the china cabinet and pass down to one of his kids when he is older or something. I hope they use decent quality so that it can hold up to years of being on display. I am actually quite excited about it. Please keep in mind that the photo above is not what you will be making this weekend. But I assume it will be something similar to that model, and you will have to paint it yourself at home.

While the online registration is closed, you may find that your local Home Depot store still has availability. I called the three closest locations to me and was impressed to hear that they still had a few open spots at each location, so cross your fingers and make the phone call.

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    In our Home Depot they just give you a kit which has the instructions and it's not two hours if you help them. You generally do it on your own, paint it etc. My son started at 3.5 and he loves it with an apron and pins. The wood isn't the best quality but it's free and fun so go for it!