Browns Canada: Summer Flats Only $14.98 & Free Shipping

Browns Canada: Summer Flats Only $14.98 & Free Shipping


I got an email alert that Browns Shoes are offering free shipping all weekend, the deal is starting now. I decided to have a browse of the outlet section to see if there were any hot bargains. I spotted these little ladies flats which have been reduced down from $48 to only $14.98! I thought that was a great price, so I will stick them up here for you to see.

The above image shows you the four colours that are available in this particular shoe; white, pink, light blue and black. Only the fuschia and black are priced at $14.98, the blue and white are priced at $19.98, an additional five bucks. If you want those colours, then you’d need to pay the extra cash. But with free shipping thrown in to the deal (which saves you $5), it could be worth it.

They’re a cute little flat pair of shoes, they could be good for the summer. I’m spending some time in Europe visiting Spain in July, so this is exactly the type of shoe that I want to throw in my luggage. They’re small and light, and also don’t cost a fortune, so it doesn’t matter if they get trashed on the sandy beaches. I think the white ones would be very hard to keep clean… so I’m leaning towards the blue finish.

While you’re on Browns Shoes, have a glance at the outlet section yourself, see if there are any more bargains to throw in your cart too.

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