These Boxy Girls Dolls are Now @ Toys R Us Canada

These Boxy Girls Dolls are Now @ Toys R Us Canada

These might be the ultimate unboxing toys. Boxy Girls are dolls that shop online, just like us – and you get to unbox all the clothes, shoes, accessories and surprises they order.

And you might have noticed that these Boxy Girls look, well, boxy. They're designed to resemble the boxes they order, hence the name. You also might hear them called Boxy Dolls, but they're all the same.

There are four Boxy Girls available now, with plans for a second series in the works. Here's who you can already collect:

Wondering where to buy Boxy Girls in Canada? So far, they're a little tricky to find, but they're all available at Toys R Us for $19.99 each. I've also seen them at Amazon, but they're almost double the price there. At Toys R Us, shipping is free when you spend at least $49.

Each Boxy Girl comes with four shipping boxes to open that are full of 12 fashion surprises. Can't get enough? Toys R Us Canada also sells a Boxy Girls Fashion Pack for $14.99. It's a set of six shipping boxes – and each one comes with 20 surprises, like makeup, shoes and more.


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