Bowring Canada: Up to 75% Off Sale

Bowring Canada: Up to 75% Off Sale

This is one of the few in-store deals I tend to post (usually it has to be over 50% to be convincing) but Bowring is having what they consider their biggest sale of the season, with discounts up to 75% off! Bowring

Bowring has 65 locations across Canada. To find a store near you:

I had no idea what Bowring sold, so I looked it up:

Bowring home stores across the country carry a wonderful selection of living room sofa groupings, dining table and garden collections, as well as mirrors, prints, lamps, linens, and many other beautiful home accents.

So now I know!

Have any of you ever shopped there? What do you think of their products, price, and quality?


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  • Marie
    Hi! From experience, this is not actually a one of a kind sale, Bowring and Benix are the same, they both have signs that they change stating that it's 50 or 75% off. It will say that pre- xmas is the biggest sale of the year, as well as their boxing week signs. Depending on the product the pricing is comparable, the same goes for the quality. Check between this store, Home Sense or Outfitters....usually the same product but better quality at the other 2 stores......