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For a limited time, is offering free shipping on any order. They've recently re-designed their website, so could be worth a browse!

They sell over 8000 products, and mainly focus on gift ideas, so there is some possible inspiration there coming up to the holiday season. Here are some things that I am thinking:

  • 28-Piece Tool Light Set for $11.48 - my other half already owns every tool under the sun, but always craves more! He'd like this little set as it comes with lots of bits and pieces inside the light.
  • Aerating Wine Globe for $13.63 - one of my sisters would love this! I've heard of these, but never seen one in real life. They aerate the wine to bring out the full flavour.
  • Cube Cardboard Paper Speaker Set for $14.95 - this would be a good gift for my niece. They are cardboard speakers that pack flat - they would actually be very good for taking on vacation with you.
  • Freshwater Pearl & Amethyst Bead Elastic Bracelet for $15 - this is quite pretty, I like the purple colour.
  • Happy Giddy Insulated Water Bottle for $17.99 - how cute is this! I want one for myself... but I think it might be more suited to my little nephews.

And don't forget to add the free button pearl earrings to your order.


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