Boston Pizza Canada: 10 Delectable Dishes For $10 Each!

Boston Pizza Canada: 10 Delectable Dishes For $10 Each!

I saw this Boston Pizza deal on TV last night and thought I’d write up a quick blog about it in case you weren’t aware. BostonPizza are offering 10 different deals for only $10 each. There are 5 pasta dishes and 5 pizza dishes in the offer. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Pizza deal:

  • Rustic Italian pizza
  • Szechuan pizza
  • BBQ pulled pork pizza
  • Vegetarian pizza
  • Tropical chicken pizza

Pasta deal:

  • Tuscan Linguini
  • Mama meats penne
  • Boston’s lasagne
  • Baked seven cheese ravioli
  • Spicy Italian penne

Each dish above also comes with a started Caesar salad too!


This deal is only available in-store at your local Boston Pizza restaurantup until the 8th of February 2009, between Sunday and Thursday.

Let’s take an example to show you that these are quite good pizza deals – the spicy italian penne pasta dish. I checked out my local menu, and this dish is priced at $14.95. With this special deal from Boston Pizza Canada, you’re getting the penne for only $10, plus they’re throwing in the free Caesar salad!! That’s just one example… the other dishes work out to be good deals too.

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