Classic Cookbooks From $2 And Up @

Classic Cookbooks From $2 And Up @

In these modern days of Internet usage, many of us tend to just 'grab a recipe' off of the net. I remember when I used to look through cookbooks for hours, just to get recipe ideas and hints. Sort of like how a cooking TV show can be very comforting to view so too can reading a cookbook. I really love marking off recipes that are special to me. I write notes right in the pages of the book and one day my kids will have that as a reference. My Mom does that, too, I think it's a nice tradition to carry on.

You can select from 50 sale cookbooks at the sale and the selection is excellent! I spotted quite a few reliable cookbooks that are going to be very good for the summer, too!

Who wants to stand over a hot stove, making the house hotter yet with lots of dishes on the go, when you can cook from these Betty Crocker The Big Book of One-Pot Dinners recipes? This book is only $4.00 CAD and has a retail price of $20 USD.

Here is another one-pot recipe book; using the crockpot is a great idea for keeping things cooler in the house. Crockpot hearty soups, stews, and chilies selling for 5.00 CAD, down from $20 USD retail price.

This recipe book stands out to me because lately I have been using my bread machine dough cycle a lot, but was working from recipes printed from the Internet. This will be a good one for sure! The Big Book of Bread (Betty Crocker) is selling for $4.50 CAD from $20 USD retail price.

Who plans on canning this summer? It appeared to be a lost art for a while but it looks like it is really making a comeback! The Complete Canning Guide (Better Homes and Gardens) sells for $6.50 CAD,from $30 USD retail price.

If anyone is going home for summer vacation to see family, some of these recipes could be great to bake and take with you! From Grandma's Kitchen (Exclusive Expanded Edition) sells for $8.00 CAD from $32 USD retail price.

I think the shipping rates are really reasonable! $3.99 for shipping and $0.95 cents per item. This means, if you purchase 4 items, you will be charged under $8.

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