Book Outlet Canada: 20% Off Kids Books

Book Outlet Canada: 20% Off Kids Books


Book Outlet is one way to get new books cheap. If you aren't fond of used books, but can't afford the price of new books, this is a great place to check out. I also like it because you can get way more for less. Right now, they are offering an extra 20% off kids books.

There are over 800 books in this sale. I believe it is really important to give kids a large library full of all different kinds of books and let them explore it on their own. This100 Cupboards book sounds very interesting for children who can handle something a little scary. The hardcover book retails for $16.99, but is only $3.99 during this sale.

I am a Neil Gaiman fan and highly suggest his books. I own The Dangerous Alphabet which retails for $6.99 and is on sale for $2.79. The art in it is lovely. I also ownInstructions which retails for $15.89 and is on sale for $4.79. It is a fun little book. One of the books I don't own is Crazy Hair, which retails for $18.99 (hard cover) and is on sale for only $6.39.

There are so many really good book deals that you can most often get several books for the retail price of one.

Shipping is $3.99, plus $0.75 per item.

As always, check the forum for more Book Outlet coupon codes before you shop.

(Expiry: 13th November 2013)


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