Boogie Board $29.94 @ Sears

Boogie Board $29.94 @ Sears

Planning a road trip this summer? These Boogie Boards are the best entertainment for the car. And they are on clearance at Sears right now.

How does the Boogie Board work? Kids draw with the stylus, hit a button to erase and then doodle again. No mess. No sound. Hours of entertainment. And did I mention no sound?

The Boogie Board tablet is lightweight, durable and thin. Ours has survived three toddlers! It has a 8.5" screen and comes with a stylus and stylus holder and the sealed 3V watch battery never needs replacing. The pink and black models are both still in stock.

Shipping is free if you spend $99 and you can always ship to store for free.

Just don't use the Boogie Board to write a grocery list for your spouse unless you want the note to be replaced with a drawing of a Paw Patrol character before your spouse gets to read it. True story folks.


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  • Nicole W.

    this is the thing we have for Brynn.