BlueNotes Clothing Store: BOGO Half Price & Extra Discounts Too!

BlueNotes Clothing Store: BOGO Half Price & Extra Discounts Too!

I love it when a deal comes together! BlueNotes Canada have just emailed about a special offer on their clothing website. EVERYTHING on is Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price. You just have to add some items to your cart, and you will see the discount – half price off the lowest value item. Say you add items in multiples of 2, the lowest priced will always be the discounted items.They say that this is a “limited time offer” so I don’t know when it is due to end.

Don’t forget to use either of these promo codes - register10 or bluenotesfb to get an extra 10% discount! I was surprised that the 10% Bluenotes coupon codes worked on top of the BOGOH offer. So I tested it out on 2 pairs of shorts. They were $29.50 each, so should have been $59 in total. After all discounts were applied, it came to a total of $39.82, which is $19.91 each! Good deals!

You can spend $100 to get free shipping if you like. I think that’s quite a high threshold for free shipping, but if you are going to place an order, you could check and see if some friends and family want a few items too, pushing your order over the $100 mark. If you’re not willing to do this, shipping is fairly reasonable anyway, starting at $8, and upwards from that, depending on how much you are spending.

UPDATE 12th March 2009 - I am bumping up this post it appears the SAVE25 coupon code for a 25% discount has been reactivated and WORKS in conjunction with the BOGO offer! Shipping is free this week as well :)


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